Safe Industrial Automation and Robots
Affordable and Reliable Car Electronics
Trustable Cloud Infrastructure
Dependable Medical Devices

What’s the current situation?

Many existing and new applications aims at improving the way of living: high-speed networking, road safety, personal health care, wireless communications, lighting and consumer electronics. Today’s high-end electronic equipment consists of multiple complex ASICs often with tens of millions of flip-flops, hundreds of megabits of embedded SRAM, and hundreds of millions of combinatorial cells.

Where is the problem?

For these applications, reliability, availability and trustability is a key factor. These parameters needs to be carefully considered in order to respect tough dependability constraints set by the final user and application

What we are doing about it?

We will develop a framework consisting in tools able to model, improve and manage the reliability of complex devices, boards and systems. The Reliability Architect tool will be a spreadsheet-based, high-level reliability analysis and management tool. The tool can support any reliability exchanges and collaboration between the actors of the design and manufacturing flow